Players can recoup their investment in less than a month and continue increasing profits. Playing games has become a real profession for many players when daily income can reach tens or hundreds of dollars if worked hard.

Typical ways to make money on STE:

  • Earning STE tokens through exercise

Players can exercise to earn STE tokens daily. The exercises are designed with different reaching levels. With 5 minutes of practice, players can make hundreds of dollars. The more NFTs the players own, the more they will earn.

  • Minting and selling sportswear on the Marketplace.

Every player needs NFT sportswears. STE users will increase rapidly and outstrip the growth rate of NFT sportswear supply. With a desirable NFT mint mechanism, NFTs can be equipped to create other NFTs with the ability to earn many times more. Players can also sell minted NFTs to make extra income on NFT Marketplace.

  • Leasing sportswear on NFT Marketplace

Players can lease NFT sportswears to others to make a profit. If owning NFT sportswears, players can lease cheaply to generate extra income. Alternatively, players can create many sub accounts and then hire others to exercise and split the profits.

  • Invest in STN tokens:

STN is the heart of Stretch-to-Earn. However, unlike other Game-Fi, STN is closely linked with the SB token - the main currency circulated in SB GROUP's ecosystem. The burning mechanism created by SB GROUP will reduce token inflation and increase the value of SB which is also a boost of STN’s value. Not only that, the team commits to burn all 100% of SB and 50% of STN obtained from the NFT minting fee. This will further increase the value of the STN over time.

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