Stretch-to-Earn has a unique NFT marketplace built right on the app and on the browser as well. All in-game items are sold on the Marketplace. It is a decentralized exchange where players and investors can buy NFT assets directly from the issuer (the issuer only sells a limited amount) or collect them from other participants (secondary market) all in one platform.

Rental system (coming soon)

The main barrier that most GameFi encounters when introducing new users is NFT. Players must own NFT to participate in the game. STE aims to break this barrier by designing a rental system. By providing an intelligent rental system, joining the game will become a lot easier and ensure that new users will not be hindered from exploring the game. Users who want to rent can go to the Marketplace in the app. The player needs to register for a rental and be paired with the landlord. After fully agreeing to the rental terms, the contract is approved.

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