STE is a vertical ecosystem that includes a wallet for depositing and transferring tokens to fund an in-app spending account, a token swap, and a marketplace. All in one mobile app.

Main activities:

  • Exercise and earn (Stretch-to-Earn): exercise with NFT sportswear and earn tokens

  • Commodity trading (Marketplace): where users can rent/lease or sell/buy sportswear

Get started

To start, users need to download the STE app

In the first version - Free-to-Earn, every player has 4 days to play for free. As long as they KYC, they can unlock the exercises. Players can invite friends to join STE, and each player will have four more free practice days when referring one new player to participate without buying NFT.

1. Sign-up for STE App

After getting access to the app on your device, you will be able to sign up for STE with your email address. You will receive a verification code to enter the app.

2. Transfer STN into your in-app Wallet

  • Transfer STN into the in-app wallet to mint NFTs

  • Transfer STN to the in-app wallet to buy NFTs: Tshirt in the Marketplace, and always keep some STN as gas in your Wallet account.

3. Purchase an NFT

Users can freely choose fabulous sportswear for an energetic training session. Head over to the in-app Marketplace and pick out sportswear: Tshirt, legging, sneakers, gloves, cap, headbands, watch

After the purchase, you can start your STE journey immediately.

GameFi Element

Fitness and earning

The exercises are designed according to topic and level. After login STE, players can choose any practice to follow. AI technology will measure each player's movement based on the match of body movement compared to the instruction exercise to produce results. There are three levels of performance evaluation:

  • Miss: The player has not practiced properly

  • Good: The player follows all the movements in the right rhythm and almost matches the demo pose on the screen

  • Perfect: The player's body movements are the same as the instruction and match the demo pose shown on the screen perfectly.

The reward will depend on the exercise level performance evaluation that the player receives after finishing each exercise. Therefore, reaching Perfect will help you get the maximum reward.

Social-Fi Element

In addition to participating in exercise games to earn money, STE also develops a “rental” system that allows players to generate additional income by renting or leasing NFTs right on this platform.

  • Renting: If players want to participate in the game but are not eligible for sportswear or want to play but do not want to buy NFT, you can rent NFT to experience the game.

  • Leasing: Players who already own NFTs but do not want to participate in the game can lease the NFT to make a profit.

Economic Loop

Buy Sportswear NFT → Exercise → Earn money → Buy more & Mint NFT → Exercise → Earn more money → …

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